Message from Chairman and CEO

Thaicom strives to be a leading Asian satellite operator by connecting people through digital innovations and creating value for all stakeholders.


The Board of Directors and the Company’s Management promise that we will continue to conduct business with integrity, transparency, and adherence to good corporate governance and sustainable development principles

Dear shareholders

In 2018, Thaicom Public Company Limited is now in its 26th year of operation. Our success over the past 25 years has been full of obstacles, challenges, and courage. Thaicom has boldly sought to offer new technology that enables our customers to operate sustainably, reaching users both in Thailand and abroad in areas covered by the footprints of the 5 Thaicom satellites, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Greater Mekong Subregion, and even parts of Africa. The Board realizes that past success alone cannot drive sustainable future growth without appropriate and forward-looking preparations. Anticipating and adapting to the changes taking place in this digital era is therefore a most pressing challenge.

In 2017, the Company was affected by rapid and widespread changes in technology. Such changes also impacted a number of our major customers who then found it necessary to terminate their contracts with the Company. Regulatory changes also affected the Company’s plans to expand its business. The impacts of these technological and regulatory changes are duly reflected in the Company’s financial performance, which did not meet projections.

The Board has worked tirelessly alongside the management to find a way to adapt the Company’s business for success under these changing circumstances. This led us to expand our vision from “to be a leading Asian satellite operator”-our vision over the past 5 years-to “to be a leading Asian satellite and digital platform operator” to reflect the Company’s intent to diversify beyond its current satellite businesscore. The Company has also adjusted its organizational structure to better align with its new direction. One of the key actions taken over the past year was the sale of the Company’s shares in CS LoxInfo Public Company Limited, which is part of the Company’s plan to adjust its business structure so that it is financially prepared to expand in the new direction set forth for the business.

Regardless of challenges faced, the Company remains steadfast in its strict adherence to corporate governance principles, receiving an excellent rating of 5 stars for the 5th consecutive year in the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) as well as improved scores in each area assessed in the CGR. The Company also maintained its status on the Thailand Sustainability Investment list published by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and continues to adhere to a strict Anti-corruption Policy without exception.

Finally, the Board places utmost importance on people. We are applying principles of constructionist learning to create a learning organization where people can reach their full potential through dedication to continual improvement in their work and empowerment to innovate and create value for the organization.

The Board will make haste and work closely with the management to drive the company forward into new businesses in order to build a sustainable future for the organization and create long-term value for investors.

Paron Israsena
Paron Israsena
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Paiboon Panuwattanawong
Paiboon Panuwattanawong
Chief Executive Officer

Investor Kits

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