Message from Chairman and CEO

Thaicom strives to be a leading Asian satellite operator by connecting people through digital innovations and creating value for all stakeholders.


The Board of Directors and the Company’s Management promise that we will continue to conduct business with integrity, transparency, and adherence to good corporate governance and sustainable development principles

Dear shareholders and stakeholders

2015 was a year in which the Company faced a variety of different challenges. It was also a year full of success in sustainable development and corporate governance both locally and internationally. Thaicom was awarded an “Excellent Corporate Governance Scoring” (Five Stars) for the third consecutive year (2013 - 2015). Furthermore, the Company was selected as one of the Top 50 companies with the highest CG Scorecard in ASEAN, and was one of the two Thai companies that recorded the most outstanding score in 2015. In addition, our Board of Directors was awarded “Board of the Year for Distinctive Practices” by the Thai Institute of Directors for the third straight year, and received an honor of “Board with Consistent Best Practices”. Our Audit Committee was as well recognized as “Audit Committee of the Year”. With all these honorable awards received from leading organizations, it has demonstrated our success and commitment in corporate governance to all stakeholders.

With diversities in technology and geographic landscape, Thaicom had to rectify our strategies to cope with those changes. The Company has invested in a new Satellite, THAICOM 8, and already achieved some of pre-sale capacity before launched in the first half of 2016.

For THAICOM 7, a 14-transponder broadcast satellite, its capacity was already taken up by customers. Hence, our significant move in 2015, apart from filling up existing capacity of THAICOM 4, 5 and 6, is to maximize the utilization of our THAICOM 8. The Company continues to strive to penetrate into new opportunistic markets even though we may have faced some difficulties in these areas i.e. Africa due to its high competition in the region.

We also continue to initiate new products and services such as mobility and digital life to serve our customers’ utmost need. We hope that with our strong teamwork, new business strategies, and endless efforts will lead our Company to flourish in 2016.

For financial operation, despite volatile foreign exchange rate situation, 2015 was another year that Thaicom marked the notable performance in terms of revenues and net profits. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors and the Company’s Management are still aware of the currency fluctuations. We also seek for advice from professional advisor to ensure that our financial operation in the future would have the least impact from foreign exchange and benefit our shareholders the most.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Company’s Management, we would like to show the appreciation for all your support and trust. To ensure the utmost benefits to all stakeholders, we promise that we will continue to conduct business with integrity, transparency, and adherence to good corporate governance and sustainable development principles, and will continue to focus on the development of our people, who are the most valuable assets, to initiate new and innovative ideas, build a strong and effective teamwork, and be ready for Digital Economy and upcoming challenges we may face in the future.

Paron Israsena
Paron Israsena
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Paiboon Panuwattanawong
Paiboon Panuwattanawong
Chief Executive Officer

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